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Photo of Wendy La

Wendy La

 - Sacramento State, Second Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2016
 - UC Irvine, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior, Minor in Education, 2015

“I knew I wanted to work with kids, and I can work with them one-on-one.”

Student Success Story
Daniel Watts

Daniel Watts
Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies

Daniel Watts had been working in education for years when his teaching career reached a plateau, with some jobs out of reach because he hadn’t finished college. So he decided to go back to school in his 40s and get “that piece of paper,” he says, enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies degree completion program.

Student Success Story

Alicia O’Brien
Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program

Ever since high school, Alicia O’Brien wanted a career in law enforcement, but not as a police officer on the street. She found her niche in the criminal justice field while completing the Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program.

Student Success Story

Jullanar Williams
Criminal Justice

One look into her son’s eyes and Jullanar Williams knew she needed to be an advocate in the criminal justice system. She’s a single parent, who works full-time in the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office as a paralegal, cares for an aging parent, and lives over three hours away from the Sacramento State campus. Jullanar says her degree in criminal justice is made possible because of Sac State’s online program.  

Student Success Story

William Stewart
Paramedic Program Student

William Stewart’s training kicked into action when he heard a man choking and saved his life. Wil, who’s a firefighter and a student in the Paramedic Program, was waiting to be interviewed for an internship in San Luis Obispo when he saw the man in distress. Wil’s heroics made national news with the story picked up by the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Sacramento Bee, Fox 40, CBS13 and other media outlets around the country. 

Student Success Story
Photo of Coral Connor

Coral Connor
Second Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Coral Connor may only be in her 20s, but this speech pathology graduate has already found a mantra to live by. “I think turning your trauma into triumph is something a lot of people can relate to,” she says. She shares her story in this video.

Student Success Story

Matt Hidalgo
Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship

Matt Hidalgo was working as a job coach when he entered the Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program. He knew if he completed all of the requirements, he would earn a five-percent raise and a new job classification. Turns out, the apprenticeship resulted in more than a raise – he was offered a new job. 

Student Success Story

Alexandra Strout
Paramedic Program

“I was fortunate in the strength of my instructors,” says Alexandra Strout, who is in the top of her class at Sacramento State’s Paramedic Program. “They’re in the field as firefighters and paramedics, and they’ve been there and done the work. It makes a difference in the knowledge they provide you. It’s one of the strong points of the program.”