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Give the Gift of Education

Give the Gift of Education 

The Public Policy Institute of California predicts that California will fall short of economic demand by 1.1 million college graduates by 2030. In Sacramento, 60,000 adults are less than 15 units from finishing their degree. 

With your gift to any of the following funds, we can bridge the gap together for a more prosperous future.  

Degree completion 

HornetAttain! Degree Completion Scholarship 

Issue: Many college students are unable to complete their degree for a variety of reasons. Due to personal and financial commitments, it can be difficult for them to return. 

How you can help: Your gift provides scholarships to help remove financial barriers for adults returning to complete their degree. CCE programs are designed for working professionals to attain an undergraduate degree, which is critical for employment and career advancement.  

Give to make a difference 

Dean’s Fund

Dean Innovation Fund 

Issue: Frequently, the only thing holding a student back is access to technology or meeting basic needs such as housing, transportation, family support, or healthcare. 

How you can help: Your gift to the fund provides the Dean flexibility to address the immediate needs of adult learners and the needs of the college.    

Give to make a difference  

First responders 

First Responder Support 

Issue: Traditional student financial aid is not available for students enrolled in first responder programs.  

How you can help: Your donation to support future first responders provides scholarships to program applicants, as well as critical supplies and training equipment for the program.  

Give to make a difference 

Certificates & credentialing 

Certificate & Credentialing Award 

Issue: Traditional student aid is not available for students seeking certificates or credentials to advance their careers.  

How you can help: Your gift supports scholarships to help pay for the cost of course fees and materials for working adults, resulting in career advancement and increased earnings.  

Give to make a difference 

Graduate degree completion 

Graduate Degree Completion Scholarship 

Issue: Scholarships aren’t currently available for adults pursuing a graduate degree.  

How you can help: Your contribution allows us to provide scholarships that remove financial barriers that currently prevent adults from earning an advanced degree.  

Give to make a difference 

Youth programs 

Jill Matsueda Youth Program Award 

Issue: High school students often don’t have access to the resources needed to explore education and career pathways.  

How you can help: Your donation provides tuition assistance and technology support, which allows more teens to build meaningful skills, explore career opportunities, and work with university faculty through enrollment in youth programs. 

Give to make a difference 

Jill Matsueda served as director of Academic Programs at the College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sacramento State from 1991 to 2020, creating CCE’s Summer Academies in 2012. 

Travel study abroad 

Travel Study Abroad Scholarship  

Issue: Financial barriers often prevent students from studying in international and domestic locations.  

How you can help: Your contribution helps to provide partial scholarships to remove financial barriers and provide more students the opportunity to pair their area of study with real-world experience.  

Give to make a difference 

Together, we’re bridging the gap and creating opportunities for a prosperous future.