Registration & Enrollment


Registration and Enrollment

The College of Continuing Education processes registrations and payments for many programs, including:

  • Academic credit
  • Non-credit
  • Open University
  • Summer Session
  • Winter Intersession
  • …and many more

Please refer to the subject areas below for more information, or contact our Enrollment Services department.

Covid-19 Certification

As Sacramento State welcomes people back to campus, the university is taking steps to keep learners, faculty and staff safe.  Learners taking any courses, despite modality, may be required to self-certify their vaccination status.

Registration Confirmation

Occasionally your employer, student aid provider, or sponsor may require official registration confirmation. You may request this by phone at (916) 278-6984 or email


Services to Students with Disabilities

The College of Continuing Education (CCE) and Services for Students With Disabilities (SSWD) at Sacramento State are committed to assisting students with disabilities in attaining their educational and vocational goals. 

Students have the responsibility of making their needs known and disclosing any particular issues they may anticipate. 

Accommodations and services are determined based on enrollment status, available documentation and an interactive collaboration with students.