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College News and Stories

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Inside Edition Tells Paramedic Student’s Story of Saving a Life
Heroic Deeds Run in Wil Stewart's Family

 Sacramento State Paramedic Program student Wil Stewart with his parents, Traci and Bill Stewart. (Courtesy: Wil Stewart)

When Wil Stewart, a Sacramento State paramedic student, saved a man from choking to death, the national attention he received astonished him, even made him squirm a bit because, after all, he “wasn’t raised to go around bragging.”

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Sac State: Photographer Discovers Treasures

As Denton Mitchell walked through the Sacramento State campus, he noticed treasures that many of us pass every day but may no longer notice.

Mitchell is a professional photographer invited by Professors Ernie Olson and Esther Amato to document the 2017 Fashion Academy, one of the career workshops in the Summer Academies for High School Students.

His photo gallery reminds us to look around once in a while.

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College, Careers & ‘Stingers Up!’
Photo Galleries Add 2017 Memories

The Summer Academies for High School Students has wrapped up for another year with our 12 academies giving teens the kinds of experiences that may have planted a seed, perhaps a college major or a future career. Some students met the chief justice of the California Supreme Court and Sacramento’s mayor, some found themselves in the midst of a simulated hacking incident and other students learned multimedia skills and produced their first news videos. 

Channel 31’s “Good Day” featured the 2017 Summer Academies, with reporter Courtney Dempsey (a Sac State alum!) giving the academies a ”Stingers Up!” salute. You can see all the fun in our growing archive of photos and videos, below. Enjoy browsing!


Testimonial: Workforce Development Professional
Matt Hidalgo: 'The program has empowered me to succeed'

August 2017 Update: Congratulations Matt!

A year ago, Matt was a job coach going through the Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program. He was hired by the California Workforce Association as a program manager coming out of the program. He just received his first-year evaluation and he continues to impress his boss. Matt has been promoted to a program director and received a nice raise too. 

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Democracy in Action 2017: Inside the Chambers
Summer Academy for High School Students to Feature California Chief Justice

Students in the Democracy in Action Academy visited Sacramento City Hall for a chat with Mayor Darrell Steinberg. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Laurie Earl, who heads the academy, also took her high school students to the one place that touches the lives of every citizen in California. 

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Sac State’s Apprenticeship Program Tallies Success
Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program Serves as a Model

Progress Report 6 Months After the Graduation

Graduates from Sacramento State’s first apprenticeship program have completed all of their requirements and all 17 have received their pay raise and promotion. Six months after their graduation, interest in the Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program continues to grow, with a labor association inviting the College of Continuing Education to return and report on the apprenticeship’s success at its statewide conference in September.

The Start of a “Good Day” for the Summer Academies
Meet the Professors of Coding and Cyber Security Academies

TV personality Courtney Dempsey from “Good Day” popped in for the kickoff of the 2017 Summer Academies for High School Students at Sacramento State. She was particularly intrigued by the two new additions to the line-up: the Coding Academy and the Cyber Security Academy. So she caught up with the two computer science professors who put it all together: Devin Cook and Jun Dai.

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Leadership for the Government Executive: 25th Cohort
Co-Founder Clark Kelso Calls for 'courageous leadership'

A signature leadership program in the College of Continuing Education reached a milestone in 2017. Leadership for the Government Executive (LGE) celebrated its 25th cohort graduation in April.

“Our graduates improve government in California” and stand out as “more valuable and attractive candidates for promotion,” said Clark Kelso, one of LGE’s co-founders and an associate dean at McGeorge School of Law, who delivered the keynote address.

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Remembering Dr. Patricia “Jane” Bruner
Associate Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Bruner led many innovative programs at Sac State, including a popular distance learning course in Hematology launched internationally by the College of Continuing Education.

Dr. Bruner and Dr. Rose Leigh Vines were interviewed about their cutting-edge course for Access Magazine in 2011. We are now sharing the original article and never-before-seen pictures from their photo shoot as a tribute.

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Workforce Development Professionals Boost Their Careers
Mayor-Elect to Graduates: 'I love this, I can't tell you how much I love this!'

Sacramento’s new city leader saluted the graduates of an innovative professional development program at Sacramento State. Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg sent them off with a challenge – to inspire the educational and career paths of young people and to reach them when they are as young as 14.


Authentic Leadership Aligns with Personal Values

When instructor Jackie Alcalde Marr brings her leadership workshop to the College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sacramento State, she will have participants slow down for the day, take an honest look at themselves and answer the question: are they being true to their personal values when they lead and motivate others? She explains more in this one-minute video.

Her Authentic Leadership for True Leaders Workshop takes place on Monday, May 1, from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at CCE.

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High School Graduation and Dropout Rates Show Mixed Results
Dropout Prevention Seeks Support from Parents, Schools and Communities

California’s graduation rate increased for the seventh straight year, with more than 83 percent of high school seniors receiving diplomas last year. Certainly good news, yet a closer look at the numbers released in April by the California Department of Education (CDE) raised concerns in Sacramento.


Conversation with Author and ‘Professional Honeymooner’
Franz Wisner on the Big Mistake in Memoir Writing and the Biggie on His Bucket List

Franz Wisner healed his broken heart by writing. When his fiancée called off their wedding at the last minute, the Davis native not only held a wedding reception without a bride, he went on a honeymoon and took his brother. The experience turned into a New York Times bestselling memoir, Honeymoon with My Brother.


Leadership Builds on Your Natural Strengths

It’s pretty common to see managers stall in their leadership growth. And perhaps it’s something you sense in your own career.

Author and leadership coach Helen Horyza says, “Many people fear they are not up to the task of leadership,” and much like a self-fulfilling prophecy, they start to falter.


Cyber Security Aimed at High School Students
Summer Academies Instructor Focuses on Defense

Growing up in China, Jun Dai didn’t own a computer but he was still able to master video games. He got access to computers and the internet through “net bars” that rented machines by the hour. And there, he discovered his passion and a profession, not as a gamer but as a defender.


Coding Academy Added to Summer Lineup
Sac State Expands Summer Academies for High School Students

If you can decipher “PB&J,” then without a doubt you can start coding, as in writing a computer program, says computer scientist Devin Cook.

Cook is a computer science professor at Sacramento State, who will lead the Coding Academy for High School Students. This academy and one on Cyber Security are the newest offerings in the 2017 Summer Academies for High School Students at Sacramento State.

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Eleonor Castillo adjusts her father's cap at a reception at Sacramento State, honoring students who completed their bachelor's degree through a long-distance program. (College of Continuing Education/Risa Knight)

Sac State Graduate Wins National Continuing Education Award
Rodolfo Castillo: 75 Years in the Making

Update (Feb. 14, 2017): Mr. Rodolfo Castillo has been named the 2017 Outstanding Continuing Education Student by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), following a nationwide search.

Mr. Castillo was previously recognized as an Outstanding Nontraditional Student in UPCEA’s West Region, covering institutions in the western U.S. and Canada.


Project Management in Two Days
Conversation with Instructor Gary Slavit

If you’re in charge of a major project, you know the consequences of not staying on schedule and within budget.

Gary Slavit, an instructor at the College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), says project management is a skill more employers are looking for these days.

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World Language Day
20 Languages Under One Roof

View the music video of World Language Day 2016 produced by English Language Institute (ELI) instructor Hugh Le, flip through the photo gallery and get to know the international students attending ELI and becoming part of the Sacramento State community.