STAH Course Information


The California State University, Sacramento School Nurse Program offers the Special Teaching Authorization in Health (STAH) courses in the fall based on demand. The STAH credential allows a school nurse to independently teach health classes or a full course in a variety of school settings (preschool, elementary, middle, secondary, and adult). Only credentialed school nurses or currently enrolled credential students at CSUS are eligible to take the STAH courses.

For the STAH program, you will build on the concepts from NURS 214B – Educational Program Development in Nursing. In the STAH program, you will plan and implement a five day unit of teaching on a health related topic using the California Health Education Content Standards. There will be no F2F classes, only online (synchronous) classes. 

Fall – NURS 214C: Educational Program Development in Nursing II, 3 units

Meeting requirements: Three to five online classes. Course description: Introduction to curriculum development and instructional design concepts in preparation for the role of educator in an academic institution or health care setting. Continues emphasis on instructional design, related to curriculum development and implementation, instructional and learning theory, and educational assessment.

Course requirements: You will be responsible for finding a mentor teacher who will help you develop the teaching topic and curriculum. Please note that your mentor teacher must be different than your mentor teacher from NURS 214B. For example, if your NURS 214B mentor teacher was an elementary teacher, your NURS 214C mentor teacher needs to be a middle or secondary teacher. 

Course assignments: You will interview a director of curriculum and submit a paper describing the interview. You will do a classroom observation and submit your analysis of the observation. You will also work on and submit an outline of your teaching plan.

Spring  NURS 294D: Practicum Educational Program Development in Nursing, 3 units

Meeting requirements: You must meet with your faculty advisor at least four times, either in person or virtually. You must also meet with mentor teacher at least three times to develop curriculum. You are also responsible for coordinating with your faculty advisor so they can observe your teaching session, either in person or virtually.

Course description: Learning experiences in this course are designed to provide an opportunity for application and analysis of the theories and concepts of instruction, learning, curriculum, assessment and evaluation while practicing in the role of an educator in an educational setting.  The practicum focuses on the application of concepts and theories from the 214C and 214B courses in Educational Program Development in Nursing.  The Special Teaching Authorization in Health (STAH) candidate functions in the role of the educator under the guidance of a mentor teacher in a selected practicum setting.

Course requirements: You will work with your mentor teacher to plan and deliver a five-day unit of teaching in a health related topic.

Course assignments: You will do a classroom observation and submit your analysis of the observation. You will work on and submit a completed lesson plan. Your mentor teacher and faculty advisor must also complete evaluations.

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