Open University FAQ


Do non-residents pay extra fees?

No. Open University students pay the same fee whether they are residents or non-residents of California

Can I take classes that require a passing grade on the Writing Proficiency Exam through Open U?

Yes, but written consent must be obtained from the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Written consent must be provided at the time of registration. For more information, please contact the Department of Academic Affairs at (916) 278-5344 or visit Sacramento Hall, room 230.

May matriculated students enroll through Open University?

No. Open University is only open to those who are not admitted to Sacramento State.

Enrollment in Open University does not constitute official enrollment at Sacramento State, nor does it count towards continuous enrollment for preserving catalog rights. If you have been admitted to Sacramento State and are choosing to enroll in a class through Open University instead, you should consult with the Academic Advising Center or the Evaluations Office before registering.

How many units may I earn through Open University?

Units earned through Open University are considered special session credit. According to university policy, no more than 24 units of special session credit may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Please check with your department regarding their specific policy of how many units will be accepted.

Can I use the Health Center and the Well?

Yes. However, service fees are not included in the Open University fees. Please contact The Well (916) 278-9355 directly for more information.

Do I need to get a Sacramento State OneCard?

The Sacramento State OneCard is the university’s identification card for students. You will need to obtain a Sacramento State OneCard if you wish to use the library or student computer labs. The Sacramento State OneCard is available at the Sacramento State OneCard Center in Lassen Hall for a $15 fee.