LGM Testimonials


The LGM intensive leadership course enabled me to adopt best practices, and truly sharpen my skills in a cross agency environment.  The Return on Investment (ROI) session alone was an invaluable exercise in efficiency which made us all look at our departments through a fiscal lens.  The instructors were the best: their unreserved candidness made for a rich learning environment.
Gilbert Smith • Board of Equalization • LGM Cohort 6 Alumni

My recent position change is a substantial promotion for me and I believe the Leadership for the Government Manager program really helped me in the interview process.  I really thought the class to be very beneficial and so well done.
Carla Simmons • California Emergency Management Agency • LGM Cohort 6 Alumni

LGM is a great learning environment, the instructors are dynamic and energetic, and class members become a part of that.
Doug Brenning • Department of General Services • LGM Cohort 6 Alumni

Overall this a great program for networking and learning opportunities as we share experiences and knowledge to improve.
Brian LaPask • Department of General Services • LGM Cohort 8 Alumni

The program has reenergized me and given me many theories to test and tools to use.  I will definitely reference my course material for many years to come.  I also gained confidence and am certain I will be a better leader in the future.
Lara Saich • Correctional Health Care Services • LGM Cohort 5 Alumni

LGM has had a significant impact on me as a manager in a positive way. It has given me the tools to view situations differently and how to respond not only in the workplace, but in life.
Danetta Jackson • Department of General Services • LGM Cohort 4 Alumni

The LGM training has added so much value in my career as a government manager. I am grateful to have met a group of professionals like myself. This will allow me tools, resources to make a different, not only in my personal life but in my professional career. These tools are very valuable in making changes to our Department.
Mona Castañeda  • Department of Transportation • LGM Cohort 4 Alumni

LGM has put more tools in my tool box and provided an excellent opportunity for networking.
Susanne Buehler • Board of Equalization • LGM Cohort 3 Alumni

This program has provided both the tools and a renewed sense of commitment to have the courageous conversations with peers, superiors, and subordinates that needed for positive chance in the state workplace. All mid-level managers should take this course.
Roger Westrup • Department of Transportation • LGM Cohort 1 Alumni