Portfolio Program Testimonials


It offers an insider’s perspective on the challenges that are unique and distinct to supervisors in California government.
— Diane Leung,
Department of General Services

Too often in state government we get focused on being managers instead of leaders. LGE afforded me a tremendous opportunity to become attuned with what it means to be a successful leader. I’m now uniquely positioned to tap my leadership strengths to help manage cultural and organizational change within my department.
Eric Lamoureux • Department of General Services • LGE Cohort 15 Alumni

This class has enabled me to hone my skills to better lead my staff using The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. At the conclusion of the program, I had implemented numerous lessons learned in class to improve efficiency, consistency, and morale in the office.
Lisa Alder • Department of Health Care Services • LGE Cohort 17 alumni

LGE is probably the most relevant educational tool available for government executives. Not only are the instructors dialed into emerging trends and issues, but the sharing of information, perspectives, and resources from the other cohort members is invaluable. Each class left me feeling energized to tackle issues in the workplace in new and innovative ways and also provided me with a sense of community with fellow executives in similar situations throughout state and local government.
Cindy Hanneman • Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board • LGE Cohort 16 Alumni

Leadership for the Government Executive is a dynamic and innovative training opportunity. Graduates learn to become effective leaders who can navigate these tough economic realities, motivate individuals and groups, promote a culture in which people value themselves, and provide overall strategic direction and better communication.
Karen Johnson • Department of Health Care Services • LGE Cohort 1 Alumni

LGE introduced me to the Five Practices–the best quick reference guide to management excellence I’ve ever seen.
Jim Butler • Department of General Services • LGE Cohort 9 Alumni

One of the tools I value most from LGE is mentoring and coaching staff and seeing the difference it can make to an employee’s confidence, career, and life.
Darlene Schell • CalHR • LGE Cohort 9 Alumni

In these unprecedented times, Leadership for the Government Executive offers that rare opportunity for State executives and managers to come together in a stimulating and collaborating environment to discuss relevant topics pertinent to the state. Attendees can return to their offices with newly formed skills and a cadre of resources to tackle problems head on.
Christy Quinlan • Quinlan Consulting • LGE Cohort 1 Alumni

One of the tools I valued the most from LGE is the positive collaboration with other LGE members. As managers for the state, we are the path forward to lead our employees. We set the vision and provide our employees the tools to move forward to success.
Julie Williams • Employment Development Department • LGE Cohort 8 Alumni

Extremely worth-while program. Hits the mark for both professional and personal growth.
Bruce Lim • Health Care Services • LGE Cohort 12 Alumni

 This is a tremendous program. It provides a range of learning experiences in a supportive environment. The program also provides practical application of its practices.
Jozell Brunett • Franchise Tax Board • LGE Cohort 12 Alumni

This course provided me with excellent tools and resources to not only evaluate myself as a leader but to also ‘model the way’ so that the skills I did have could be shared with my staff.
Edna Murphy • Board of Equalization • LGE Cohort 17 Alumni

I took a leadership class through another vendor and there is no comparison with the LGE program. I think this class was excellent because it challenged me to create my own vision, behavior, actions to help me become my own personal version of a leader. I started seeing myself as a leader, thinking about how others see me as a leader. What a difference!
Heidi Rooks • Department of Water Resources • LGE Cohort 18 Alumni

I incorporated the five practices into my organization. The response has been immediate and very noticeable. I feel like the practices were easy to implement. They have provided positive results and I am a better leader because of LGE.
Jennifer Fowler • Franchise Tax Board • LGE Cohort 18 Alumni

It has directly improved my ability to lead in a professional manner. I am applying the tools and methods learned in LGE on a daily basis. I have no doubt in the lessons learned will stick with me and will be shared with my staff.
John Huk • Board of Equalization • LGE Cohort 13 Alumni

LGE has been a strong influence for me as a leader. It’s provided me with valuable tools and experiences that have helped me to deal with current workplace issues. The LGE coaching process has helped me discuss issues with individuals that have different views and experiences outside my department. The various management steps taught in the class has been extremely valuable.
Eric Tiche • Department of Veteran’s Affairs • LGE Cohort 13 Alumni

LGE provided an excellent opportunity to interact with leaders in state government and to gain different perspectives of how to approach our leadership roles.
Scott Capulong • Board of Equalization • LGE Cohort 14 Alumni

I have found LGE to be extremely dynamic, educational, and professionally enriching. I have attended other Leadership courses throughout my public service career, but found the LGE program to surpass all of them in encouraging creativity, collaboration, and thoughtfulness by every Leader. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are practices that can be immediately applied in the day-to-day operations of any organizations. Applying the practices in my workplace have already yielded results that otherwise would not have been achieved. The shared experiences and lessons learned have equipped me to help prepare our next generation of leaders by-now least of all – encouraging the heart.
Regina Luster-Shaw • Employment Development Department • LGE Cohort 14 Alumni

This was a fantastic course. It is a must-do for all up and coming senior level managers and executives in state government. The information provided is very applicable to what should serve as a core set of skills and abilities.
René Mollow • Department of Health Care Services • LGE Cohort 9 Alumni

This was a unique program – great for the novice leader and great for the experienced leader. I highly recommend it.
Norman Williams • Department of Health Care Services • LGE Cohort 9 Alumni

This was one of the best management development programs I have ever taken. Absolutely worth the time and work!
Eric Mandell • Department of General Services • LGE Cohort 5 Alumni

This was the most productive leadership class or seminar I’ve ever participated in.
Mark Lamb • Department of General Services • LGE Cohort 7 Alumni

The LGE is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as a manager. By the time you have been selected for an executive management position you obviously have skills to do the job – but you may be able to refine/improve and learn new skills by learning from peers in other departments. The LGE program is a great opportunity.
David Botelho • Department of Finance • LGE Cohort 5 Alumni

I thoroughly enjoyed this program! I felt the LGE program was a great reminder of core leadership competencies, reinforcing the rule of an effective leader. The topics and lively discussions amongst the teams were so valuable, were I always walked away learning something new! Great program – thanks!
Lisa Wheeler • Employment Development Department • LGE Cohort 7 Alumni