Additional Information



The College Board requires that all registrations for AP® Summer Institutes be submitted online, and registration requires the use of your College Board account.  For information regarding your College Board account, please contact the College Board Call Center for support: 703-297-3963.

Registration is now open.  Please visit our registration website to register.


The early bird cost of each course is $575 through June 6. Prices will increase to $625 beginning June 7.

There will be no lab fees assessed for the online program.

Each AP® workshop is approved for two (2) semester
units of academic credit. The unit fee is an
additional $130.  More information on how to sign up and pay for this online will be forthcoming. 

Funding and Employer Paid Fees

The College Board® provides funds to individual teachers under its AP® Fellows Program. Please visit the College Board’s AP® Fellows Program to submit your application online.

If your employer is paying your fees, please complete the online registration process and indicate the type of payment.  We will accept credit card, purchase order, or checks.  Payments must be received prior to the beginning of instruction.


The College of Continuing Education would like to ensure that all participants enjoy their learning experience. Please call Candace Anderson at (916) 278-6072 or e-mail by June 1, 2021 to alert us of any restrictions or special needs.


Attendance at all sessions is mandatory to earn a certificate of completion and credit (where applicable). Workshops are scheduled for Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, with some synchronous and some asynchronous periods to meet the minimum session length of 30 hours as mandated by The College Board.  Some courses may exceed the minimum length.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

The College of Continuing Education makes every effort to maintain the published class schedule. If a class is cancelled, participants will be able to enroll in another class or receive a full refund.