Heather Sellens
Career and Technical Studies Lecturer


Professor Heather Sellens is an instructor in the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies online degree completion program, coordinated by the College of Continuing Education. The online offering began in 2015.

Her class, Assessment and Instruction in Career Technical Education, makes the connection between the teacher teaching and the student learning. ”Teachers must be confident their students have learned what was taught. This class will give future teachers and staff developers multiple ways to measure success.”

Heather adds: “Since this is online, we’ll be seeing videos of outstanding teachers and trainers who know how to check for understanding. I have lots of teaching tools that are engaging for both the teacher and their students.”

Heather studied at the University of the Pacific and earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Her doctorate is in curriculum and instruction, with an emphasis in multilingual and multicultural education.

Heather has taught international students throughout her career. For one of her projects, she brought a contingent of Sacramento State students to South Korea and set up summer camps, teaching English, sports, art, dance and other activities. She has also been a host family for Korean, Spanish and Swiss students.