Daniel Watts
Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies

Student Success Story

Daniel Watts had been working in education for years when his teaching career reached a plateau, with some jobs out of reach because he hadn’t finished college. So he decided to go back to school in his 40s and get “that piece of paper,” he says, enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies degree completion program.

“I learned a lot of stuff that I implemented on a daily basis,” he says, such as teaching strategies and working with diverse populations.

Daniel got his start as a graphic arts instructor for a Sacramento County juvenile facility. He later advanced to a continuation high school in the Elk Grove Unified School District, where he taught graphic arts, journalism, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. 

“I don’t care why you’re here. That’s not what I focus on,” he tells his students. “I focus on what talents you bring to the table that we can exploit, so we can help you get back on the right track.”

His ability to reach troubled youth earned him the 2009 Sacramento County Office of Education Teacher of the Year and News 10’s 2009 Teacher of the Year awards. “I’m glad I went out in the work world and got this experience,” Daniel says, who also ran his own computer business as well as a multimedia production studio.

But he always knew he had unfinished business and in 2015, he wrapped up his final class at Sacramento State. “I think a lot of things will open up. There will be a lot of opportunities in working with kids on a whole other level,” says Daniel.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at the age of 48. 

For more information, please visit the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies web page. – Sharon Ito