Jennifer Ratcliff
Speech Pathology and Audiology

Student Success Story
Jennifer Ratcliff

Jennifer Ratcliff moved a step closer to her dream job as a speech pathologist, becoming the first class at Sacramento State to earn the Second Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology in 2014. “Thankfully, this program finally came about and made it possible for students, like me, to keep going and achieve that dream of going to graduate school.” 

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in French, but her work as a translator and administrative assistant wasn’t fulfilling and she decided to switch careers to speech pathology. In order to get into a graduate program, she needed a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology.

As part of the second bachelor’s degree program, Jennifer completed a speech language pathology assistant internship in the public schools “working with speech-language pathologists and doing therapy.” She continued her hands-on experience as a volunteer at the Head Trauma Support Project. The video, above, shows Jennifer at their weekly support meeting, helping individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

Jennifer is now working on her master’s degree in speech pathology and audiology at Sacramento State. An expanded video of her experience is part of Made at Sac State – The Video Magazine series on the College of Continuing Education, which coordinates degree completion programs.