Youth Programs


Youth Programs

We are excited to announce summer Youth Programs at Sacramento State in a virtual environment with new online classes and schedules. 

We have created fun and engaging online experiences that will give students the opportunity to: 

  • Explore educational and career opportunities in various fields
  • Discover new academic and creative challenges in topics not always available in regular school
  • Work with other students on real-world projects
  • Get a preview of college 
  • Learn from Sacramento State professors, community college faculty, area public and private school teachers and industry professionals

Virtual Programs Offered 

There are two programs offered for different age ranges, as follows:

  • Academic Talent Search: incoming 7th-10th graders will have the opportunity to explore new subjects, preview the college experience and get motivated for the next school year.
  • Summer Academies: incoming 9th-12th graders and graduating high school seniors can preview different career paths and college majors.

Youth Programs are a longstanding tradition at Sacramento State. Have questions? Get answers to frequently asked questions here.


Academic Talent Search (ATS)

The College of Continuing Education (CCE) is honoring its commitment to the community and youth programs by offering a select number of online courses in Summer 2021.


ATS’ Summer 2021 lineup includes a select number of courses for students entering 7th-10th grades. Classes will be offered in computer science, English, mathematics, science and social science. Due to COVID-19, all sessions will be held online this summer.


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Course Listing

Summer 2021 ATS Schedule

We have an exciting lineup of courses taught by Sacramento State professors, community college faculty and industry professionals.

Overview Sacramento1 week9-12 Grades

Summer Academies for High School Students

This summer our Summer Academies for High School Students will provide hands-on career exploration in an exciting virtual world. Please check our 2021 Summer Academies schedule. 


Our Summer Academies for High School Students provides career exploration with hands-on activities, interactive projects and coaching. The one-week academies include topics in computer science, teaching, entrepreneurship, and hospitality and tourism.

Course Listing

Course Descriptions

The 2021 Summer Academies will be offered entirely online. We have an exciting lineup of courses taught by Sacramento State professors and industry professionals. Please take a look at the course descriptions and schedule.

And remember: we hope to be back on campus for 2022.


Help Teens Experience Our Summer Academies
Discover Sponsorship Opportunities

Summer Academies for High School Students are returning this year. Please consider a sponsorship to help teens in our community experience hands-on career exploration.