Alumni Profile: Afshin Azarmanesh
Human Resources Management certificate program


“I was referred to the Human Resources Management certificate program when I was only a banker and wanted to find my way into the HR department.  Our HR manager had taken the same program a few years back, and thought it would help me gain up-to-date knowledge of HR laws, initiatives and concepts. I then got a lucky break and was hired as an HR Coordinator while studying at CCE.

The program was more than just a knowledge refresher, as I learned extensively from my fellow participants as they shared experiences and practices in their respective companies.  It helped me see different angles and implementations of the same initiatives by different companies, and I particularly benefited by comparing my company’s practices with them. 

Obviously, the instructor’s role in generating those discussions was critical. My knowledge of certain federal labor laws was very limited, but the instructor gave me an overview so I could start learning about them in detail.

Going through the program earned me recognition and knowledge that helped me excel. In the couple of years it took me to complete the certificate, I went through two job promotions within the HR department — first as a HR Associate and then later to HR Generalist. I now support an entire region of US Bank’s In-store Banking division.  I envision being in this position and developing over the next 3-5 years before I move into the HR Manager position.”