Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, cognition and emotion. It is a broad discipline that includes both basic research and the application of research findings to everyday life. 

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a major accomplishment, and Sacramento State’s new fully online and accelerated degree completion program provides the flexibility, accessibility and affordability to help you finish your degree.

You may have started your degree in the past and had to put it on hold due to work, family or personal obligations. Life happens, as it should — and now it’s time to make your educational goals happen too!



Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can open up many options for career advancement and personal development, as the degree provides students with a solid understanding of human behavior. Earning a bachelor’s degree is a major accomplishment and is a stepping stone to graduate education. 


The online degree completion program has the added benefit of flexibility. Students are able to fit school into their already busy schedules through fully online, accelerated courses. This allows students to find a schedule that works for them, and get through classes quickly and efficiently. 


Students in the fully online program have regular support from a dedicated academic advisor and financial aid coordinator. Throughout the entire process — from admissions to graduation — students will have regular support from the program staff.

Academic Excellence

​​Graduates of the online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program will earn their degree and diploma from California State University, Sacramento, which is identical to the degree students receive when completing their courses in the traditional face-to-face format.  

Sacramento State is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the online program is officially approved by WASC as well.


The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program is for adult learners who stopped out of college before graduating, and are ready to return and finish their degree.

Please note: This program is not for local Sacramento area students, unless you have stopped out from college for at least two (2) years.  Exceptions are sometimes made in certain instances — please check with us to see if you are eligible for the program if you live in or near Sacramento.

This program is delivered completely online. If you live outside of California, click here to determine if Sacramento State has secured authorization or exemption to enroll students from other states in its online programs. 


Students transfer in lower-division general education and major requirements, and complete all upper-division coursework through the online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program. Courses are six to eight weeks long and are fully online.

Fees and Financial Aid

Courses are $425 per unit.  You may apply for financial aid through the FAFSA at

Information for current applicants

Initial Application Process

Please follow the instructions to submit your initial departmental application for review BEFORE you submit your CSU Apply application for formal admission to the university.  Please see

Formal Admission

If you have been approved for the program, please refer to page one of your unofficial evaluation which includes a checklist of items that you need to submit in order to be formally admitted to the program.  Please complete all items marked as “To Do” on this page, with the exception of the $50 departmental application fee as we will post this fee to your Sac State student record after you are admitted. 

Soon after you have submitted your CSU Apply application, you can set up your SacLink account at  Please note that it may take a few days for our records to be refreshed to allow you to set this up after submitting your CSU Apply application.  

The admissions processes for our program usually is not completed until July for Fall admissions, and early January for Spring admissions.  You will receive an email along with a program schedule and student handbook from the program staff once you are formally admitted. You will also be added to the program’s email distribution list which will keep you informed about important deadlines and program information.  Email communication is essential in this program. 

Enrolling in Courses

Registration for our courses follows a slightly different process than our main campus; please do not worry about not seeing enough online course options in the searchable class schedule at this time.  You will receive a separate email from our program with registration instructions including the list of available classes that are set up specifically for our program. You also do not need to adhere to your registration date that is posted in your student schedule as that is only for registering for traditional classes through the main campus. 

Financial Aid

This program is eligible for financial aid.  Please be sure to submit your FAFSA and include Sac State as the school you will be attending: