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Apply for Spring 2020 by December 1


To apply to the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies, please complete the attached BSCTS Application and email to or fax (916-278-3685) along with your resume and unofficial transcripts.

Once we receive all three items (transcripts, department application and resume), our degree advisor will review all documents and conduct a complete evaluation to determine if you are admissible to Sacramento State.

Admission Requirements

1. Seven (7) years of full-time work experience in one area OR five (5) years of work experience in one area with an AA degree in that subject.

Please send original letters verifying work experience and all admission documents to the address listed here:

College of Continuing Education
c/o Jackie Jang
3000 State University Drive
Sacramento, CA 95819

Your letters will be returned to you at the mandatory program orientation to keep for your portfolio.

Each work verification letter must include the following:

  1. Employer’s name
  2. Start and end date (if the letter says “present” or “current,” we include the date on the letter)
  3. Position title (if not self-explanatory, then please include a brief description of duties or attach a job description)
  4. Full time or part time (if part time, include how many hours per week)
  5. Letter on company’s letterhead
  6. Must be signed with wet signature

2. Completion of at least 30 transferable units with one class in Area A2 (English 1A); and another class in either Area A1 (oral communication), A3 (Critical Thinking) or B4 (quantitative reasoning).

Program Structure 

BSCTS Program requires that students have seven years, full-time, paid work experience in a career technical/educational/business field (or five years, full-time, paid work experience and an associate’s degree in that field).

Admission to Sacramento State is required for this program. Candidates must complete general education and graduation requirements for Sacramento State and the Career and Technical Studies major.

All coursework taken in the BSCTS major is upper division semester units. Students receive letter grades, A-F, for most courses. Students receiving the bachelor’s degree will participate in graduation ceremonies and receive their degree from California State University, Sacramento.