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Application Instructions 

The Bachelor of Science in Career Technical Studies has its own admissions window, different from programs offered on the main university campus. 

We have two admission cycles each year: 

  • Fall semester deadline — June 1 
  • Spring semester deadline — Dec. 1   

Steps to Apply                                                                   

  1. Complete the BSCTS program application.  
  2. Gather copies of your resume, all unofficial transcripts, and a work verification letter showing at least three years of full-time work experience (see instructions below). 
  3. Submit all of these required documents via email to Jackie Jang at 

Once we receive all four items required to apply (department application, resume, transcripts, and work letter), our degree advisor will conduct a complete evaluation to determine if you are admissible and what classes will transfer over to Sacramento State.   

Your evaluation results will determine if you can move onto the formal admissions process with the CSU system or if you need more prerequisites before you can begin the program. 

Admissions Requirements 

Letter Verifying Three (3) Years of Work Experience 

You will need to submit a letter verifying you have completed at least three years of full-time work experience in one field, industry, or area. Each work verification letter must include the following elements: 

  • Employer’s name 
  • Start and end date (if the letter says present or current, we can only count up to the date on the letter) 
  • Position title (if it is not self-explanatory, then include a brief description of duties or attach a job description) 
  • Indicate full-time or part-time status (if part-time, please include the average number of work hours per week) 
  • Letter must appear on employer’s letterhead, with a wet signature 

You may submit a copy of your work verification letter and keep the original for your files. Later in the program, you will need the original letter to complete your Experiential Learning Portfolio (ELP) in class. 

30 Transferrable Units  

You will need proof of completing at least 30 units of transferrable credit from another college or university. Your course history must include the following to be eligible for program admission: 

  • At least three units in Area A2 (English 1A), and  
  • At least three units in either Area A1 (oral communication), A3 (Critical Thinking), or B4 (quantitative reasoning).  

We encourage our students to take community college classes to fulfill graduation requirements. Please send us ANY classes you have taken and let our degree advisor create an education plan for you.