Paramedic Success Stories

Justin Kotey
Read more about the outstanding students who have completed Sacramento State’s Paramedic program.

“The CSUS Paramedic Program offers the curriculum you need in a time effective manner, while providing the resources and motivation to succeed. The staff works hard to ensure success by providing the most up-to-date equipment, techniques, and educational material all presented by working, professional paramedics from all around the area. They also are strategic in their placement following the didactic portion of the curriculum as you enter the emergency room for clinical rotations and the streets for your field internship. The RN preceptor I was placed with in the hospital was fantastic and I could not have asked for a better fit when I was assigned my paramedic preceptor in the field. I set a goal for myself to complete the program and obtain my paramedic license within the year; I began the program 9/11/17 and passed National Registry, Cognitive and Psychomotor, 9/22/18. Although I missed my goal by a week and a half, I am 100% confident that my success and positive experience throughout can be attributed to the
amazing and hard-working staff of the CSUS Paramedic Program.”

-Justin Kotey

“I completed my final shift of clinicals earlier this evening at Mercy San Juan. I must say that the experience was much more than I had hoped for. The staff was outstanding, my preceptor was top notch and the exposure I received was amazing. No exaggeration. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I hope that more Sac State medic students get the opportunity to have the same kind of clinical experience as I did. Thank you for making this happen (Jeff, et al). Thanks to everyone for making this a very worthwhile experience; both didactic and clinicals. I couldn’t have been more prepared than I was. The didactic portion was absolutely on point with what we needed to know to be set up for success. The nurses and doctors at MSJ commented on that several times. Kudos to you all and thank you again.”

- Dave Kang

“I really appreciate all the work the paramedic staff and instructors put into the program. I owe much of my success to great teaching and administration. I feel prepared to tackle the world of paramedicine with complete humility as a new medic. I will be taking what I have learned to Belize to progress their national EMTs. In this way what I have learned from the Paramedic Program at Sac State will have an international impact.”

Zachary Schick

“My name is Troy Bennett from CSUS class 1. I was an emt for AMR San Joaquin county and during my class. I immediately placed as a full time paramedic at AMR and became the lead FTO in a year and a half. I recently was hired with CSD fire as a firefighter paramedic and am currently in their academy. I have excelled with my medical knowledge and I contribute it all to the education I received at CSUS. So once again thank you.”

- Troy Bennett

“I chose to go to Sac State’s Paramedic Program in the Fall of 2011. I currently work for the City of Sacramento as a Fireman. I was hired about 7 months ago and am currently in the probationary period. I learned how to become a Paramedic in a busy 911 system that runs over 80,000 calls a year. I believe that doing my internship with the City of Sacramento and going to the Sacramento State Paramedic Program played a big role in me getting a full time job with the Department. Obviously I had to do a lot of other things on my own like pass all the fire tests and interviews and backgrounds etc. But I would not change a single thing I did along this journey to be in the best career in the world. So I highly recommend Sacramento State Paramedic Program to any of you eager future paramedics out there. I also owe everything in the world to the instructors that taught me and trained me well.”

- Gabriel Cottrell