Alumni Profile: Jean Stidman
Child Development, Class of 2014


Meet Jean Stidman, a graduate of Sac State’s Child Development program, SETA 2 Cohort, Class of 2014.

What motivated you to enroll in the Child Development program?

I really wanted to continue my education even though I was almost 50 years old. Education is important to me even though I have 25+ years in the early childhood education field. I feel that education is just as important as experience.

What would you describe as the most beneficial part of the program?

Being able to attend classes in the evening and not having to worry about what classes I am going to get or if I will get in. Having instructors and classmates that also understand what it means to work full-time and attend classes in the evenings really made me feel like I fit right in.

What were the greatest challenges of participating in the program?

Juggling home life and the homework. Having a good support system is crucial, and I had the greatest. My husband and family were always there behind me and understood when I couldn’t participate in family functions because I had to do homework. Sometimes it was a sacrifice but definitely well worth it in the end.

Have you applied the learning from the program in the current work you do?

Yes. Having a degree is the best feeling in the world! I know that I have more options now than I had before.

Please share with us any additional comments or recommendations you have for the continued success of the program.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone! It has been an amazing experience not only for gaining an education but gaining the friendships that I’ve made along the way. These are irreplaceable!