Types of Financial Aid


View types of financial aid that may be available for self-support programs administered by the College of Continuing Education (CCE).

Grants (1st Undergraduate Degree students)

Grants are a type of aid that do not have to be repaid. They are based on financial need determined through completing a Financial Aid Application. Grants can come from the federal government, your state government, or a private or nonprofit organization.

Federal Grants
State Grants


Federal student loans are available to most students regardless of income and provide a range of repayment options including loan forgiveness benefits, which alternative educational loans are not required to provide.

Federal Loans

The Direct Loans have an annual loan limit based on class level. The loan programs also have a lifetime aggregate loan limits based on a student’s undergraduate or graduate status. Students may borrow loans up to the annual maximum amount each year. An academic year begins with the Fall semester and ends with the Summer semester. Students are encouraged to only borrow what is needed for their educational expenses. Loans must be repaid after the student graduates, leaves school or drops below half-time. Click on each loan below to find more information.

Alternative (Private) Loans

Students should always exhaust all of their federal financial aid eligibility options, including loans prior to applying for alternative loan programs.  Fees and interest rates can be based on your credit score, therefore, you are encouraged to shop different lenders for the best option available.  Sacramento State does not endorse or recommend private lending programs.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Alternative loans requiring a School Certification are specific to students admitted to a degree program. We are unable to certify alternative loans for Open University, certificate programs, career enhancing seminars/workshops, etc.
  • Eligible students must apply for the alternative loan according to their degree program
  • Loans cannot be disbursed until courses have begun

Alternative Loan Process:

  • The student initiates and completes a loan application with a alternative lender for their choice
  • If credit is approved, the lender will electronically send Sacramento State a School Certification request
  • If necessary, an Alternative Loan Counseling To-Do list item may be initiated on the To-Do list
  • If the private loan is awarded, the student will receive a revised award notification
  • Once the loan is awarded, the School Certification is electronically sent to the lender
  • If the loan is certified prior to the start of the semester, the school must request for the funds to (electronically) arrive no earlier than a week before the semester begins. Otherwise, the lender must wait two weeks before sending funds.
  • Sacramento State will disburse funds accordingly and if there is a balance owed, the Bursar’s Office will apply the loan funds to the debt and refund the student (if applicable) the balance.

Loan Certification Information:

  • Sacramento State begins certifying ALL student loans in July for the next school year
  • Credit based loans with a credit expiration date should start the loan application process no earlier than June 1 for the upcoming year
  • Loans are certified one academic year at a time (i.e. Fall & Spring semesters, Fall or Spring or Summer session only)

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

  • Federal and state training funds
  • Corporate reimbursement
  • Scholarship funds
    • Other various scholarship programs may be available from campus departments, community organizations, and private industry. Students should contact their major department as well as their employers, service and religious organizations, and other professional affiliations for possible scholarship opportunities