Karen Green
Child Development, Class of 2011

Student Success Story

Returning to school and earning her bachelor’s degree landed Karen Green, Class of 2011, a dream job, but she had to tackle a few challenges along the way.  She has some advice for you.

What motivated you to enroll in the Child Development program?

I was teaching in a preschool inclusion class and loved it. So I decided to start taking a few child development classes at the local community college.  Taking those classes inspired me to finally finish my lifelong dream of obtaining my bachelor’s degree. While attending the community college, I heard about the cohort program at Sac State and decided to check out an information session. It was held in Auburn, where I live, which was a huge motivator to enroll!

What would you describe as the most beneficial part of the program?

The most beneficial part was taking classes already set up for us in Auburn.  Another aspect was the closeness I felt with my teacher and classmates. After three years of seeing my classmates every Tuesday and Thursday, they became a part of my life.

What were the greatest challenges of participating in the program?

The greatest challenge was juggling work, school and home life. Many nights and Saturdays were spent doing homework or studying.

Have you applied the learning from the program in the current work you do?

Yes, very much. I am a Child Development Specialist for Easter Seals teaching young children from birth to three years of age. Given my current profession, learning about how young children grow and develop has both equipped and allowed me this opportunity to work for a wonderful organization.

Please share with us any additional comments or recommendations you have for the continued success of the program.

My advice for students thinking of enrolling in the program is to complete your general education as much as possible prior to starting the program. It is less time consuming taking two classes per semester rather than three or four.  But if this is your dream, like it was mine, my advice is to GO FOR IT!